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GB-0107739-D0: Ball screw mechanism and electrically powered steering device utilizing the same patent, GB-0107761-D0: Peptides for the treatment of wound contracture patent, GB-0108546-D0: Improvements in or relating to dispensers patent, GB-0110116-D0: An electrotherapy device and method patent, GB-0110329-D0: Methods apparatus and computer program products for capturing an analysing attemps by a reader device to read data off a data-holding entity patent, GB-0110540-D0: Novel Compounds patent, GB-0111334-D0: Device patent, GB-0112014-D0: Method system and program products for managing identifiers of components of a clustered environment patent, GB-0112875-D0: Substituted di(hudroxy/alkoxy) silicon phthalocyanines and their uses patent, GB-0113889-D0: Speech processing system patent, GB-0114149-D0: Improvemnts in screw compressors patent, GB-0114236-D0: Artificial language generation patent, GB-0114511-D0: Multi position alignment system patent, GB-0116603-D0: Apparatus for preventing unauthorised access to a till patent, GB-0116618-D0: Heat exchanger patent, GB-0116968-D0: Interconnection of mobile telecommunications terminals patent, GB-0117468-D0: Detection system patent, GB-0117785-D0: Positioning telecommunications aerials patent, GB-0118501-D0: XML Data Entry Browser patent, GB-0119812-D0: Striking plate for a golf club head patent, GB-0120072-D0: Composite leaf spring with improved lateral stiffness patent, GB-0120361-D0: Safety shield patent, GB-0120965-D0: Shelter system patent, GB-0121227-D0: Treatment of farm slurry patent, GB-0121486-D0: Processes for the preparation of Α-Aminoketones patent, GB-0122879-D0: Fender cleat patent, GB-0123117-D0: Self-sealing gift bag patent, GB-0124526-D0: Mobile phones patent, GB-0125240-D0: Hook counterbalancing system patent, GB-0125616-D0: Imapct testing apparatus patent, GB-0125901-D0: Compositions stabilized dioxopiperazinyl derivatives patent, GB-0125939-D0: System and process for determining the centre-of-gravity height of a vehicle patent, GB-0126361-D0: Protective apparel patent, GB-0126707-D0: Statutory speed controller for road vehicle patent, GB-0128586-D0: Graphite anchor targets patent, GB-0129236-D0: Universal hazardous area fielbus power supply patent, GB-0129607-D0: Exhaust eater energy generator patent, GB-0129753-D0: Educational financial instrument and method for (1)creating education value for investors (2)creating education value gift options for consumers (3)reducing patent, GB-0130377-D0: A printed substrate and method of manufacturing a personalised printed product using such a substrate patent, GB-0130809-D0: Food processing patent, GB-0200381-D0: Spy based board game patent, GB-0200942-D0: Secure messaging via a mobile communications network patent, GB-0201835-D0: The derry bell patent, GB-0201847-D0: Locator of non-stationery objects patent, GB-0201875-D0: Abdominal exerciser patent, GB-0202261-D0: Fuel injector patent, GB-0202294-D0: Improvements in or relating to a file patent, GB-0202616-D0: Decision support tool patent, GB-0203147-D0: An exhaust assembly patent, GB-0203317-D0: Vision clear visualising/glass patent, GB-0203327-D0: Cigarette-type article patent, GB-0203436-D0: Terminal and network monitoring and testing in mobile communications systesms patent, GB-0205021-D0: Cross-laminate of oriented films, method of manufacturing same, and coextrusion die suitable in the process patent, GB-0205192-D0: Best value performance indicator bvpi 157 measurement tool patent, GB-0206054-D0: Vaccine patent, GB-0206619-D0: A method of manufacture of a metallic component,apparatus for use in the method and a method of finishing a metallic component patent, GB-0207016-D0: A method of selecting and reproducing an image and apparatus for use in the method patent, GB-0207538-D0: Naz air freshener (which is come from engin) patent, GB-0207681-D0: Catamaran style dinghy which can be transported in estate or hatchback car patent, GB-0207714-D0: Improvemnts to household or other equipment patent, GB-0208061-D0: Organic molecules patent, GB-0208349-D0: Ladder assembly patent, GB-0208441-D0: A system and method for cooling a battery pack patent, GB-0211067-D0: Material patent, GB-0211796-D0: Restraint for medical use patent, GB-0212366-D0: Telemetry system for borehole logging tools patent, GB-0212556-D0: Improved cable support apparatus patent, GB-0212561-D0: Man-machine input system patent, GB-0212825-D0: Methods compositions and kits for cell separation patent, GB-0212985-D0: Article handling patent, GB-0213369-D0: Improvements relating to multi-modal queries on non-homogeneous data patent, GB-0214186-D0: Fluid transfer device patent, GB-0214455-D0: Quad cable patent, GB-0214680-D0: Digital imaging systems with user intent-based functionality patent, GB-0216019-D0: Method for the fabrication of electrical contacts patent, GB-0216108-D0: Method and apparatus for a receiver/decoder patent, GB-0216705-D0: Sliding device for anglers back support patent, GB-0217112-D0: Human genome-derived single exon nucleic acid probes useful for analysis of gene expression in human adult liver patent, GB-0217177-D0: An intelligent ink cartridge and method for manufacturing the same patent, GB-0217249-D0: Methods and apparatus for the measurement of hydrogen sulphide and thiols in fluids patent, GB-0218239-D0: Vitamin D binding agent patent, GB-0218317-D0: Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a portable device patent, GB-0219151-D0: Vehicle lamp control system patent, GB-0219324-D0: Blocking device for optical fibre cable patent, GB-0219445-D0: Mini-mechanical movement devices patent, GB-0219690-D0: Benzyl morpholine derivatives patent, GB-0219801-D0: Post guard patent, GB-0220227-D0: Droplet deposition apparatus patent, GB-0220681-D0: Process patent, GB-0220825-D0: Boropeptides patent, GB-0221320-D0: Antibodies to biologically-active fragment of acetylcholinesterase patent, GB-0221515-D0: A novel process for the preparation of 3,3'-azo-bis (6-hydroxybenzoic acid) and its derivatives patent, GB-0221750-D0: Chairback and assembly method patent, GB-0222243-D0: Liquid/gas mixture atomisation system patent, GB-0222430-D0: Throwing blades and throwing wheels patent, GB-0222886-D0: Romany stowaway patent, GB-0225567-D0: Hybrid networks patent, GB-0226285-D0: Acoustic emitters for use in marine seismic surveying patent, GB-0226366-D0: System and method for storing and accessing digital media content using smart card technology patent, GB-0227340-D0: Reproducing audio files in mobile telecommunications devices patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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