Verfahren und anordnung zum ueberfuehren einer im wesentlichen horizontalen reihe von zigaretten oder aehnlichen stabfoermigen gegenstaenden

Conveyor for horizontal row of cigarettes - moves them into container operates by exerting suction or using blown air with chutes


The method of conveying a horizontal row of cigarettesw (1) or similar bar-shaped objects into a container consists of exerting pneumatic braking force onto the cigarettes during the movement, by means of suction-air sucking the cigarettes on a slide surface. Alternatively, air is blown. In a transversely axial position to the cigarettes there are chutes (2) into which the cigarettes are placed on top of one another and transferred to the container, in the form of a compartment (8) positioned on a compartmentalised belt (11). USE/ADVANTAGE - The risk of the cigarettes moving uncontrollably in relation to the pusher while several rows of cigarettes are being transferred is reduced.




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