Vorrichtung zum ueberfuehren flacher gegenstaende

Transfer mechanism for flat objects - has three suction heads radiallydisplaceble on rotor


The device for transferring flat objects such as blank sections (1) has several suction heads (22) rotating in a closed cycloid path (C). The suction heads are supported radially movable on a rotor (20) and are moved by a control mechanism (50) interacting with the rotor so that each suction head is brought into a radially outer position on passing through the reversing area facing the pick-up station (A). The control mechanism preferably has a control cam (50) interacting with control levers (16, 17) connected to the suction heads (22). USE/ADVANTAGE - As the flat objects are transferred to the passing conveyor beakers the suction heads move deep into the conveyor beakers.




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