Gerät zum Transportieren und Einspeichern von Produktkonfektionen

Transport storage system for blister packs - has gripper unit with two gripper sets associated with suction head and mounted above vertically aligned magazine.


A vertically aligned magazine (15) is mounted underneath a section of the path of the first grippers (13b). The conveyor unit (19) is mounted underneath a section through which each of the other grippers (13a) run. The blisters (4) are transferred from the grippers above and supplied in succession to the magazine. The delivery of the blisters is carried out at specific different moments by each of the grippers. Each gripper unit (11) has the first and second grippers (13b,13a) and the magazine is set underneath a section of the path followed by the first grippers. Each of the grippers has a suction head connectable to a suction source (23). USE/ADVANTAGE - Simplified design of transport storage system is for automatic production of blister packs of pharmaceuticals.




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