Method for forming fitting piece on arrangement member


PURPOSE:To firmly fix a fitting piece to arrangement members, by injecting synthetic resin into the cavities of a split-in-two molding die fitted to the arrangement members so as to mold the fitting piece thereon. CONSTITUTION:While arrangement members 1 formed of linear or tubular bodies are held between supporting cavities 5C and 6C provided on the joining surfaces 5A and 6A of matched dies 5 and 6 which are the parts of a mold split in two, the dies 5 and 6 are fitted to each other and molding cavities 5B and 6B are matched with each other. Next, the tip part 8A of a resin injector 8 is inserted into the resin injection hole 7 of the die 5, and melted synthetic resin R is injected into a molding part 2A formed of the molding cavities 5B and 6B of the dies 5 and 6 for molding. After the mold 4 is cooled, the dies 5 and 6 are removed, and a processed piece 10 with the fitting piece 2 fixed to the arrangement members 1 is obtained.




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