Method and device for automatic double-face recording


PURPOSE:To enable double-side recording by using a desk copying machine by attaching a unit for double-face copying provided with a reverse feeding means and refeeding means for sheets to the sheet discharging part of the body of the copying machine. CONSTITUTION:A unit 71 for double-face copying is attached in the lower part of a desk copying machine 1. Copying paper P supplied from a cassette is subjected to transfer and fixing and is then discharged through a discharging port 43 so as to be fed onto a paper discharging tray 74 in the stage of copying on one side. When the operator selects double-face copying and operates the button of the body 1 of the copying machine, a control signal is fed to the unit 71 by which a lever 72 for changing over the discharging path is displaced upward. The course of the paper P is then changed and the paper is stored in a casstte 75. The paper is thereafter fed again through a refeeding port 78 into the body 1 by a feeding roller 76 and after the paper is subjected to copying on the rear side as well, the paper is discharged onto the tray 74.




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