Method and device for processing of disk recording medium


PURPOSE: To increase the processing speed of a disk recording media by feeding the disk recording media by one sheet to a processing part on a rotary disk by centrifugal force, reading information while controlling the shift of the recording media and discharging the recording media with which the reading is through to the outside. CONSTITUTION: When a switch 29 on a control panel 28 is turned on, a holder disk shaft 8 connected directly to a rotary holder disk 2 is driven by a motor 49. Thus the disk 2 is revolved and at the same time a light source 35 set into the disk 2 glows to drive this device. Then many disk recording media 1 are put on the disk 2, and the medium 1 set at the upper side are moved to the circumferential side of the disk 2 by the centrifugal force due to the revolution of the disk 2. The medium 1 move in the revolving direction along the inner circumference of a guide ring 11. A sheet of the media 1 enters a guide path 12 through an inlet 24 and goes into the rotary part of a reader 17 from the opening side 50. In this case, a photosensor 47 detects the media 1 immediately before it goes into the rotary part. Then the image received by the reader 17 is sent to a computer 32, and this stored image is analyzed and converted into information. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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