Priority interruption system


PURPOSE:To attain efficiently and economically the interruption processing of a priority data by utilizing a packet exchange accommodating terminal devices or a priority interruption processor installed to the said terminal device itself and interrupting newly a priority link to execute the communication. CONSTITUTION:When a communication request having priority comes from a terminal device T3 during data communication via link L1 between terminal devices T1 and T2; a packet exchange station P1 accommodating the terminal device T1 at the incoming side uses the active link L1, transfers once a call during communication to a priority interruption processor M so as to reserve the communication. Then, the presence of the incoming request of the priority call is informed to the terminal device T1 and when a response from a terminal user is received and the data communication is attained by forming a link L2. After the end of data communication, when the opening of the link L2 is confirmed, the processor M restores the reserved link L1 and restarts the data communication again.




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