Hydraulic control device for infinitely variable gear


PURPOSE:To sharply simplify and reduce the cost of a hydraulic control device by position controlling the spool of a clutch control valve by means of hydraulic pressure from both a throttle valve and a governor valve. CONSTITUTION:In a clutch control valve 102 which controls hydraulic pressure to pipe lines 36, 38 which are connected to a direct connecting clutch, hydraulic pressure by accelerator operating amount signals from a throttle valve 78 and hydraulic pressure by speed signals from a governor valve 100 are acted on a spool 122, controlling the position of the spool 122. Thereby, the use of a speed sensor which electrically detects the rotating speed of an input shaft, an accelerator operating amount sensor which electrically detects the accelerator operating amount, a computer which processes the electric signals from each sensor, etc. can be eliminated. Accordingly, a hydraulic control device can be sharply simplified and its cost greatly reduced.




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