Clutch drive control device


PURPOSE: To enable departure and acceleration with high responsibility by controlling a hydraulic control valve to open and close in a hydraulic circuit for engagement and drive at a duty ratio corresponding to a throttle opening detection value or an acceleration opening detection value. CONSTITUTION: A throttle valve 62 is provided with a throttle opening detector 52, and an output of the throttle opening detector 52 is input to an engine control circuit 42. The engine control circuit 42 computes a duty ratio according to a signal from the detector 52, and a duty control valve 38 is controlled to open and close by a driving current 118. In this arrangement, a clutch 10 is driven from a half-engagement state to a complete engagement state quickly in case of a large throttle opening and gradually in case of a small throttle opening, so as to enable departure and acceleration of a car with high responsibility for working an accelerating pedal. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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