Data processing device of cash register


PURPOSE:To make trial calculations unnecessary to find failures of setting easily and surely by printing automatically a list of objective amounts of taxation corresponding to individual tax amounts when set data for calculation of tax amount is confirmed. CONSTITUTION:In case that set data for calculation of tax amount is written in a storage part 3a of a total memory 3, a mode switch 1e is switched to a position PR, and prescribed data is registered and inputted with an enter key 1a. When a prescribed key which instructs the data write is operated, inputted data is written in areas A-M7 of the storage part 3a in the order of input. After setting and storing data in this manner, a TAX key 1d is operated while setting the mode switch 1e to the position PR as it is in case that it is confirmed whether data is set correctly or not. The operation is executed in accordance with a prescribed flow, and tax amounts for individual objective amounts of taxation are calculated during this execution, and objective amounts of taxation in the same tax amount range are searched, and a range of the objective amount of taxation is printed in accordance with a tax amount.




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