Formation of printed matter for observing transmission


PURPOSE:To obtain a clear printed matter for observing transmission by piling a liquid permeating sheet on a recording surface and removing it from the material recorded after the recording. CONSTITUTION:A liquid permeating sheet is piled on the recording surface of a light transmitting material to be recorded so as to be evenly tight thereon and a recording image is printed by an inkjet recording from thereabove. Then, the liquid permeating sheet is removed from the surface recorded after the recording. In the printing process, a recording agent attaches to the surface of the liquid permeating sheet as component in a recording liquid while permeating the liquid permeating sheet layer and reaching the surface recorded of the material being recorded to be immobilized. On the other hand, the liquid medium of the recording liquid will not be absorbed by the recording surface completely and hence, left in the liquid permeating sheet layer. The liquid medium components contain those unnecessary for the recording section or impairing the fixing stability of the recorded image and simultaneously with the recording, most thereof are absorbed and retained by the liquid permeating sheet. Thus, they are removed from the recording surface handily and efficiently by removing the liquid permeating sheet.




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