Outboard motor


PURPOSE: To simplify the coupling structure between an engine unit and a propelling unit, by providing such an arrangement that an engine unit which is supported to be not tiltable with respect to a hull is supported to the hull so that it may be steered with respect to the hull, and the propelling unit is tiltable with respect to the engine unit. CONSTITUTION: An engine unit 15 including a cowling 32 in which an engine 16 is housed, is supported on a stern plate 12 so that the unit 15 may be steered or is rotable about a vertical axis. There are provided below the engine 16 an upper drive shaft 24, a lower drive shaft 26 through a universal joint 29 and a propelling unit 23 storing a propeller 25. The propelling unit 23 is tiltable by means of the universal joint 29. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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