Sliding contact material


PURPOSE:To improve the wear resistance of a conventional sliding contact material consisting of Pd an Ru by adding specified amounts of Sn and one or more among Si, Bi, Ge and Ga to the contact material. CONSTITUTION:An alloy material having a composition consisting of, by weight, 87-93% Pd and 7-13% Ru has been widely used up to now as a sliding contact material, especially as a material for a brush contact. A brush contact of the alloy material shows, however, inferior wear resistance during sliding along a commutator and causes the generation of noise. In order to improve the wear resistance, 1-10% Sn an 0.5-3% on or more among Si, Bi, Ge and Ga are added to the alloy material without changing the ratio in the composition. 0.01-0.5% Fe group metal may be further added.




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