Wire electric discharge machine


PURPOSE:To make a highly accurate machining operation performable, by having a wire electrode cut by means of spark discharge, while constituting a device so as to eliminate any variations in wire feed rate and wire tension, besides adding no external force to the wire electrode during the electric discharge machining operation. CONSTITUTION:A wire electrode 1 is led into space between a capstan 11a and a pinch roller 11b in rotation and then moved downward after being passed through by friction. And, when this electrode 1 comes close to a cutter 10a in rotation, high voltage from an electric power unit 12 is impressed on space between the electrode 1 and the cutter 10a so that spark discharge is produced between them, thus the electrode 1 is cut off. This cutting motion is determined by a correlative value made between a linear speed of the electrode 1 being moved downward and a circumferential speed on the cutter 10a so that the electrode 1 comes to a small piece 1a into the specified length, then drops down inside a wire recovery box 8 in succession, thus recovery takes place. Doing like this, highly accurate machining is performable and a significant improvement in machining efficiency is well promotable.




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