Photosensitive resin composition


PURPOSE:To obtain a photosensitive resin composition which is colored by color development when irradiated with ultraviolet rays, is easily hardened even in case of a thick film, and gives a pattern easy to recognize by incorporating a photosensitizer and a methine compound to a photosensitive resin. CONSTITUTION:To a photosensitive composition contg. a photosensitive resin (a) and a photosensitizer (b) is added a methine compound (c) represented by formula I (where each of X, Y and Z is optionally substituted phenyl, naphthyl, beta-styryl or aromatic heterocyclic residue, and two among X, Y and Z may bond to each other to form a ring). The radical polymn. type photosensitive resin to be contanined is selected from radical polymn. type photosensitive resins, addition polymn. type photosensitive resins, etc. Any compound which generates redicals when irradiated with ultraviolet rays can be used as the photosensitizer, yet the compound is required to have high radical generation efficiency. The methine compound is a triaminotriphenylmethane compound, a naphthyldiphenylmethane compound or the like.




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