Image forming device

  • Inventors: TAKEDA HIROAKI
  • Assignees: Canon Inc
  • Publication Date: February 18, 1984
  • Publication Number: JP-S5930553-A


PURPOSE:To perform copying of an intended number of sheets without depressing a copying key, by constituting a titled device in such a way that prescribed operations are accomplished at prescribed time intervals by one operation for a starting input. CONSTITUTION:A variable resistor 36 for setting the density of copying, numeric keys 37, a clear key 38, a stop key 39, a copying key 40, a time key 41, a number of times key 42, a register key 43, an upper step key 44 and a lower step key 45 of a cassette are provided on an operation panel 35, and further a display device 46 and an alarm display device for sheets of paper 47 are provided. The keys 37-45 are incorporated into a matrix circuit 48, and the inputs by the respective keys are put into a CPU 49. A control circuit 50 for copying sequence controls copying with the CPU 49. For example, the operation of copying two sheets from one sheet of original, waiting for a prescribed time then copying two sheets in succession is repeated. The prescribed time intervals are settable as desired by the keys 37 after the key 41 is pushed. The number of repetition are also settable with the keys 37 after the key 42 is pushed.




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