Production of granular metallic bismuth


PURPOSE:To produce efficiently and inexpensively granular metallic bismuth with simple operation by flowing the melt of metallic bismuth down into hot water through a perforated plate which is held in an adequate position above the hot water and is provided with holes of a small diameter in the bottom, and cooling the same. CONSTITUTION:A perforated plate having fine holes of <=1.5mm., more preferably about 0.3-1.5mm. diameter is installed in the position of 25-35mm. height above the water surface of a water tank kept at about >=75 deg.C, more preferably about 80-85 deg.C, and the melt of metallic bismuth heated to about 330-360 deg.C by about 100 deg.C higher than the m.p. of bismuth is supplied into the perforated plate and is flowed down through the holes of the perforated plate while the depth of the melt is kept at <=25mm.. The bismuth melt turns into molten drops before it arrives at the surface of the hot water and said drops are quickly cooled in the hot water, whereby the granular metallic bismuth having high uniformity is formed.




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