Overrunning clutch for starter


PURPOSE:To restrict the inclination and eccentricity of a clutch outer with respect to an inner by setting at least a part of the spline tube of the clutch outer to the inside of the inner. CONSTITUTION:The turning force of a starter motor is transmitted to an outer 1 through the spline tube 2 of the outer 1 which is opposed to a helical spline 3a on a shaft 3 and further transmitted to an inner 4 through a roller 6 from the inside cam chamber 1a of the outer, and an engine ring gear is driven through a pinion 4a. Since the inclination and eccentricity of the outer 1 can be restricted with respect to the inner 4 by arranging the spline tube 2 of the clutch outer 1 onto the inside of the inner 4, also the overrun torque of the engine can be restricted, and excessive revolution and breakage of the starter motor can be prevented.




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