Disk record reproducer


PURPOSE:To perform rationally and instantly in the minimum time the selection for continuation of a replay in an auto play mode and an operation to set a pause mode after coming back to the head of a channel (1), by outputting a play end signal in high level. CONSTITUTION:A desired number of music numbers to be replayed are preset to the prescribed channels and then reproduced in order of presetting in an automatic mode. Then the detecting signal of a high level is delivered to an input of AND gates 312 and 313 respectively from an automatic play mode detecting circuit 311. Under such conditions, if a repeat switch 317 is turned on, an output signal of a high level is supplied to an input of an AND gate 316 from the gate 312. Then a play proceeds in an automatic play mode and then through with the final channel part. Thus a detecting signal of a high level is delivered from a final channel play end detecting circuit 314 in the circuit 201.




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