Pickled radish and its preparation


PURPOSE: To prepare odorless and preservable pickled radish having low salt content and agreeable touch to the teeth, by chopping raw radish into small pieces, immersing in saline water containing an edible organic acid, dehydrating the radish, mixing with a seasoning, and freeze-drying the product. CONSTITUTION: A raw radish is chopped into small pieces, immersed in saline water added with edible organic acid, dehydrated under pressure, mixed with a seasoning, and freeze-dried. The salt-content is decreased corresponding to the amount of salt in the liquid separated by dehydration, and the weight is decreased to about 1/3 and the salt content becomes 2W5% by the freeze-drying. The obtained pickled radish has the form of potato chip, and gives crisp and agreeable feeling to the teeth. Since the product is dried, it is mildew-resistant, odorless, and highly preservable. Furthermore, it is good for the health because of low salt content. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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