Hydroxamic acid derivative and its preparation


NEW MATERIAL:A hydroxamic acid derivative shown by the formula I (A is RXm; R is phenyl, pyrrolyl, thienyl, imidazolyl, or thiazolyl; X is halogen, lower alkyl, lower alkoxy, or nitro; m is 0W2; mX are the same or different; B is CHOH, CH, -O-, or -CO-; n is 2W10). EXAMPLE: 7-(4-Dimethylaminophenyl)-7-oxoheptanohydroxamic acid. USE: Useful as an antiprotozoal agent, e.g., an antitrichomonal agent, or an intermediate for the antiprotozoal agents. PROCESS: A hydroxyamine salt is treated with an alkali in an organic solvent such as ethanol, etc., reacted with a carboxylic ester shown by the formula II(R 1 is lower alkyl), to give a compound shown by the formula I . The hydroxyamine salt used is preferably hydrochloride, and preferably the amount of it used is 1W3 equivalents based on the compound shown by the formula I , and the amount of the alkali used is 2W6 equivalents. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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