Pit barrel type vertical pump


PURPOSE:To make the whole of pipelines and column pipe into framing structure and improve the resistance to vibration by a method wherein a barrel tank is divided into a plurality of pipelines and each pipelines and the column pipe are connected by a supporting member. CONSTITUTION:The barrel pipelines 9 are located around the column pipe 5 and are connected to the column pipe 5 at the lowermost parts thereof. Each pipelines and the column pipe are connected by the supporting member 10 at the intermediate part thereof. Water, flowed down through the barrel pipelines 9, is pumped up by an impeller attached to the tip end of a shaft 6 and rises up through the column pipe 5. Whole of the pipelines and the column pipe are made by the framing structure, therefore, the rigidity of the structure is increased and, further, the weight thereof is lightened while the resistance to vibration is improved.




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